Monkey See Monkey Do

Topics: Mind, Observation, Cognition Pages: 3 (825 words) Published: May 15, 2013
Monkey See, Monkey Do

The brain development of a child is more simplistic than it is complex. Much of how a child’s brain is developed is not only by what he or she may hear, but also by what he or she observes. Many studies have been conducted to prove that a child is more than likely going to imitate who he or she sees and implement that particular observation into action and will not but those actions through a conductive reasoning process until he or she develops the skill to reason, which does not develop until “3 or 4 years old,” according to

A specific study was held by Standford University using 33 boys, and 33 girls ranging from the ages 42-71 months. Each child was taken into a dimly lit room, and as he or she sat in the room a program began to play. This particular program was shown of a woman who was placed in a room with a Bo-Bo Doll (a blow-up doll with a weight in the bottom of it). As the woman entered the room, she began to mess around with the doll by hitting, punching, taking objects from around the room to wallop the doll, she took a toy gun and pretended to shoot the doll, and at one point she sat on the doll and began to rapidly punch the doll.

When the program ended, the children were asked to move to another room. This room was full of toys, and the Bo-Bo Doll. Behind a two-sided mirror psychologists observed each child’s behavior and how they interacted with the Bo-Bo Doll. Long explanation short, there was not one child that did not beat on, or demonstrate one or more of the actions that he or she observed while watching the program prior to being placed in the room with the Bo-Bo Doll.

Nonetheless, even scientists have found that not only children are influenced by observation, but also how influential each person’s, no matter what age, actions can be through the eyes of the observer. The way in which a person develops his or her worldview is not primarily based off of what he or she will hear, but rather by...
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