Monitoring and Controlling Projects

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Chapter 7: Monitoring and Controlling Projects
Introduction to Project Management

Learning Objectives

– –

List several tasks and outputs of
project monitoring and controlling, and describe outputs common to all knowledge areas.

– –

Discuss performing integration change control
as part of project integration management and how to use earned value management.

Explain the importance of
scope verification, scope control, and accepting deliverables.

Describe the schedule control process and schedule performance measurement tools, such as tracking Gantt charts.

Discuss tools and techniques
to assist in cost control.
Copyright 2005 2

Introduction to Project Management


Learning Objectives (continued)
• List the Seven Basic Tools of Quality,
– and provide examples of how they assist in quality control.

• Explain the monitoring and controlling work done
– as part of project human resource management
• to help manage project teams and stakeholders.

• Summarize methods for performance reporting and managing stakeholders – as part of project communications management.

• Describe the risk monitoring and controlling process. • Explain how to monitor and control projects – for good contract administration (Procurement)
Introduction to Project Management Copyright 2005 3

Opening Case
• Kristin monitored and controlled the project
– With the project steering committee – To ensure that
• It met its objectives • and also addressed changing business needs – More people than ever who need training since the project Started » The firm won several major construction projects » Increased hiring by 10 percent

• Weekly meeting
– Provided performance info – and discussed changes that were required Introduction to Project Management Copyright 2005 4


Opening Case (Cont’d)
• Steering committee decided to have
– suppliers report their progress directly to them as often as needed • Important to develop a close relationship with suppliers • Monitor them as closely as internal employees – To get the best result

– Hoped to continue their partnerships with several suppliers • To expand the training into other areas after this project was completed

Introduction to Project Management

Copyright 2005


• Monitoring and controlling
– involves regularly measuring progress
• to ensure that the project is meeting its objectives • and addressing current business needs.

• The project manager and other staff
– monitor progress against plans – and take corrective action when necessary.

Introduction to Project Management

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Figure 7-1. Summary of Project M/C Outputs

Introduction to Project Management

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Monitoring and Controlling Tasks for Project Integration Management • Main tasks include:
– Monitoring and controlling project work,
• which involves
– collecting, measuring, and disseminating performance information » as well as assessing measurements

– and analyzing trends
» to determine what process improvements can be made.

– Performing integrated change control,
• which involves identifying, evaluating, and managing changes – throughout the project’s life cycle.
Introduction to Project Management Copyright 2005 8


Forecasting With Earned Value Management
• Earned value management (EVM)
– is a project performance measurement technique
• that integrates scope, time, and cost data.

– Given a baseline, project managers and their teams can determine • how well the project is meeting scope, time, and cost goals – by entering actual information – and then comparing it to the baseline. • The baseline information includes: – Scope data (WBS tasks) – Time data (start and finish estimates for each task) – Cost data (cost estimates for each task)

• Note that you can use earned value management
– at either a detailed or a summary level.
Introduction to...
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