Moneyball Review

Topics: Oakland Athletics, New York Yankees, Major League Baseball Pages: 3 (1160 words) Published: December 4, 2012

Executive Summary
The film Moneyball is about a General Manager for the Oakland Athletics, Billy Beane, who faces the problem of finding a way to compete against large market teams that have a bunch of money to spend on high caliber players. Due to the Oakland Athletics being a small market team, they are unable to keep up with large market teams that use their money to sign these all-star quality players. Billy Beane hired Peter Brand from the Cleveland Indians and used his brilliant idea to acquire underprivileged players based on mathematical statistics to create and build a successful and winning team without the payouts of large salaries. Together they built an unorthodox team that countered and challenged the traditional way of thinking in baseball.

Problem Identification
The film Moneyball is a movie about going against the grain and turning the traditional way of winning upside-down. The problem in this movie is figuring out a way to be successful with a significant less amount of money compared to big market winning teams. The New York Yankees, Boston Red Sox, LA Dodgers, etc. are big-market teams that have a plethora of money to spend on all-star caliber players that win and put fans in the stands. Teams like Oakland are in a small-market, have an extremely low budget, and do not have a rich history of winning. These teams are at a major disadvantage due to the fact that Major League Baseball does not have a salary cap. Following the traditional way of signing the flashy players that hit a lot of homeruns, have a high batting average, strikeout a ton of hitters, or steals a lot of bases is not possible for the A’s and other small-market teams, because it is too expensive. Oakland A’s general manager Billy Beane, has to figure out a way to change his ways because the old system does not work.

Strategic Analysis
The movie starts out showing the A’s losing in the playoffs to the Yankees. Billy Beane is angry because he knows...
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