Money Doesn't Buy Happiness

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  • Published : April 28, 2013
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Many people grow with the mentality that making the most money possible is the wisest decision to make. However, is it always about the fortune? Or do dreams matter more? In “Bricklayer’s Boy,” money seems to be the motivational factor towards happiness and success. But, there comes a point where passion conquers wealth even in a competitive society as today’s.

In Alfred Lubrano’s short story, the relationship between him and his father, interferes with the different lifestyles they each live. From the father’s point of view, money is the number one priority. Growing up with a family set at an early age and working as a bricklayer, he doesn’t want money to be a struggle for Alfred. He does all he can to make him reconsider his job opportunity. Alfred, on the other hand, feels his passion for journalism matters more to him than the immense amount of money he can make.

As I read “Bricklayer’s Boy,” I’ve realized the two different type of people the father and son were. When it came down to distinguishing their social classes, the white-collar was nothing like the blue-collar father. A white-collar son portrayed a more decent professional job, working at an office; whereas, a blue-collar father consisted of manual labor to be done in order to earn money. It’s clear that these differences triggered his father’s way of thinking. “Being the white-collar son of a blue-collar man means being the hinge on the door between two ways of life.” (Lubrano 573) This puts Alfred in a position where he feels he should appreciate his father’s hardships and take his advice but yet, also follow what he loves to do and set a prime example of how he can make it without disappointing him.

Meanwhile, Alfred illustrates the importance of money, especially how important it is to his father. Alfred’s father didn’t have the best job out there, but he made a living out of it. He sacrificed a lot and knows the workforce wasn’t easy for him. Money is simply used as a motivation. I came...