Money Changes People

Topics: Family, Money, Father Pages: 3 (1055 words) Published: November 25, 2012
Money Changes People

There was a time period were I was very wealthy, were I can get mostly everything I wanted. My family and I would go to Vegas every single weekend and when it came to my birthday we would go to chucky cheese but not just any chucky cheese, we would go to Beverly Hills chucky cheese. Well one day all of that went down hill, my father got obsessed in buying any random shit from the store that we didn’t even need he would always say “we’ll need this one day” but that one day never came. It was a hot summer day when our payment of our house but now we couldn’t even pay because we ran out of money just because my dad, but I wouldn’t blame him only because I would buy some random game that wasn’t even worth buy it and I didn’t play it all. Well there was only 3 more days to pay or the police would come and I panicked and I call my mom and dad over so I can talk to them. I tell them in a very confident tone “um, so I’ve been thinking why don’t we steel the bank down the block by olive garden, you the place we used to eat in very special days?” I was scared to what they would say but they say what I wanted them to say “well that’s our only choice to do son since that’s the fastest thing to do.” That reply satisfied my life.

The next day we go very early because we didn’t want anybody to hurt in any way. My dad knows a guy who can give us some bulletproof vests and a rifle and a handgun. “I’m very nervous” said my mom in a scared tone. “C’mon mom we can do this just don’t bother with vault cause they have a chemical where it throws blue ink at your face so just stick with the tellers.” “Ok son lets do this, are you ready? What about you Hun?” “Yes mom I’m ready…” “I’m also ready, lets get this over with…” we go in side and there are no people but the manager and a co-worker, so that was the best moment to get in. my dad and I scream out “put your hands up and get on the floor” we tell the police inside to drop the gun and give it to me. He...
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