Money Brings Happiness?

Topics: Poverty, Wealth, Poverty reduction Pages: 2 (702 words) Published: April 20, 2013
Name: Nguyễn Thị Thu Hiền
Class: Luật anh 2
Homework: Many pepple think that money brings happiness. Do you agree with them. Why or why not? Essay:
“Does money bring happiness?” This is the question that everyone has the different answers. I agree with many people about money brings happiness. Money helps we have material comforts and spiritual joy. In fact, if we have no money, we can’t buy goods, clothes, and other necessaries which we need. If we have a lot of money, we can improve our spiritual activities easily. We can go to the movies every weekend, and we can buy any expensive gifts for the people who we love. Money helps the poor have a will-fed life. For the rich, money helps them have pure happiness because they can help the poor and the victims of the disasters. It is said that: “ Money is the root of all evil.” No, it is not true. Money is normally the fruit of labour. The question is how one spends that money. There is nothing good or evil about money. The same money which can help bring relief to the suffering millions, can be used to build up armaments. The power decides how to spend the money. -------------------------------------------------

In summary, the money brings happiness only when we use it properly. The right use of money may bring us a comfortable life and a cheerful heart.

Ngọc Thoại Nguyễn

Being poor can certainly bring unhappiness, but having money does not guarantee happiness. Some people assume that because extreme poverty brings extreme unhappiness that the opposite must be true. It is not.

There are a lot of very unhappy very rich people. Acquiring money can too easily become the center of life's focus and that can become an obsession. Like most obsessions, it's not a good thing.

The Bible says that the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil. That seems to be a universal truth. When you love money more than anything else in life you will find that you can never get enough of it. When life only revolves...
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