Money and Medicaid

Topics: Washington, Money, Tommy Thompson Pages: 2 (354 words) Published: February 2, 2006
There is million of dollars spent on Medicaid every year where does it come from and what is it worth the money that the tax pays have to give out each year to help pay for Medicaid.


Washington. Institution for policy innovation. Medicaid is still wellfare. Washington: State of Washington, 2006.

To understand why Medicaid is different, let's go back a decade to Wisconsin. In the 1990s, then-governor Tommy Thompson was looking for a way to reform welfare and get people back to work. His efforts were hugely successful, which, of course, got the attention of other governors and even Congress and the Clinton administration. Congress passed a national version of welfare reform in 1996.Thompson changed the welfare paradigm. He said welfare should not be the norm; work should. So what does this mean for Medicaid? For 40 years, Medicaid has played a pivotal role in providing assistance to millions of low-income people who needed health coverage. But it was meant to be a safety net for the poor. Somehow, the Medicaid-is-welfare connection has been lost. One lesson from welfare reform was that welfare had to "cost" something -- in most cases, work. Not so in Medicaid. People have to do nothing for Medicaid but qualify


"Electronic payments initiative of HHS secretary Sullivan" 1 Oct. 1990. Facts on the news Services. West Valley High School Lib., Yakima WA. 12 Jan. 2006

This is about how Medicaid is paid for. The government programs and expenditures, and everything that goes into it.

O'Conner, John. "Feds Cited nine states for according gimmicks" McKights Long Term Care news, May 2005: pA10. General Reference Center Gold. Thomson Gale. West Valley High School Lib., Yakima, WA. 12 Jan. 2006

This about all the fraud that goes on, and the people trying to scam the old people out of their money and why this is happening. The rate for this is rising every year and it is getting worse than ever....
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