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  • Published : May 7, 2013
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The Early Bird.
Nasru was a very intelligent boy and he loved to go to Madarasa school. But he had a great difficulty getting up early in the morning. In spite of his dad telling him to try and get up early, Nasru just couldn’t. Nasru’s dad wanted his son to be a Mullah. He knew that if Nasru continued to be so lezy, he would not study hard to be a Mullah. He vowed to find the right opportunity to teach Nasru a lesson.

One day Nasru’s dad got up early in the morning for his morning walk. He likes to listen to the sound of birds as they greeted the morning with their songs. As he walked along the road he noticed a bird swooping down and pulling out a worm. The worm would come to the surface since the ground was cool in the morning. The birds rose early so that they could catch these worms.

Nasru’s dad knew that this would be an important lesson for his son. As he turned from his walk Nasru’s dad noticed a small cloth bag on the street. He picked it up and was shocked to find that the bag was full of gold coins! Being an honest man, he looked around to find the owner who had dropped the bag. But there was no one around. Nasru’ dad rushed home, confident that he had two important lesson for Nasru to learn.

He entered the house to find that Nasru was still sleeping. He rushed up to Nasru, shook him up and said, “ Nasru, Nasru!
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