Module 9 Essay Questions

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Module 7 Essay Titles

Discuss the methods of protection against HIRF and the checks/inspections which would be carried out after a fault was entered in the tech log.

On carrying out a system check of a stall warning system it is discovered that the first officers stick shaker is inoperative. Describe how you would fault find the system and how you would rectify the defect.

On trouble shooting an IDG overheat lamp fault, it was discovered that the connector of the IDG had evidence of overheating. Describe in detail the fault rectification process and how all the work should be recorded.

During an engine start it is noticed that the No.2 ignition system is not working. What are you going to do to fix the problem and what certification (if any) is required?

After heavy maintenance an aircraft is taken outside for engine runs. the engine will rotate but not ignite, describe the possible causes of this and how you would go about fault finding this problem

On a walk round inspection you notice smoke/vapour in the starboard wheel well. Describe the actions you would take and list possible causes.

The pilot reports a burning smell from the flight deck air conditioning system. State your actions and detail possible causes.

Describe how you would replace a PCB, and the precautions you would take.

Describe in detail your actions after finding a landing gear strut low.

On a major hangar inspection you find corrosion in an unpressurised panel. Detail your actions to return the aircraft to service.

Describe the procedures when inspecting a brake unit. What would you do on discovering a brake unit 'worn to limits'?

Describe the procedure, documentation used, and those to be filled out when jacking a nose wheel aircraft over 5700kg.

List NDT techniques commonly used for inspecting aircraft structure and components. give details of defects it will find, what materials the techniques may be used on and what are the chief advantages and disadvantages of each technique.

There is 2 inches of wet snow on the aircraft, the temperature is –2oC, what are your considerations before releasing the aircraft for departure?

Describe how you would carry-out a fuel contamination test.

Describe how tooling is controlled within a Part-145 maintenance organisation.

Describe the procedure of a hold-over item

Module 9 Essay Titles

Describe in detail the effects of stress on an engineer and how environmental factors affect stress. Discuss how these affects can be minimised.

If a major skin repair was being carried out on an aircraft and you were the team leader, and the repair was not going to be completed within your shift period, how would you do a shift handover for the next shift?

Describe human error in aircraft maintenance and the inspection environment, and describe how it can be minimised.

There are many different types of maintenance error reporting schemes. Maintenance Error Decision Aid (MEDA) is one. Explain its implementation and how this is achieved within a company?

Name two pressures the engineer is subjected to, how they originate and how to prevent them

Describe the Liveware (L) interaction and relationships in aircraft maintenance to you as the L within the SHELL model and give and examples of such interaction / relationships to

Describe organisational culture and how it affects the individual engineer.

Describe in detail the effects of stress on an engineer and how environmental factors affect stress. Discuss how these affects can be minimised.

With regard to circadian rhythms, expand on the following:
What does 'circadian' mean?
What is a 'circadian rhythm'?
How is the body affected after a long flight over several time zones? Ref. above - how can the effects be minimised?
What is meant by 'post lunch low'?
With respect to circadian rhythms, what is meant by 'acrophase'?

You are a shift leader carrying out a major airframe repair that will not be...
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