Module 3- the Hidden Curriculum

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  • Published : March 12, 2011
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The Hidden Curriculum


The Hidden Curriculum
Character education is very important for teachers and parents. A teacher can teach the different subjects by creating lesson plans concerning character development. This approach is built around a list of core ethical values such as responsibility, respect, integrity, learning about, caring, anger management and citizenship and involves students in reading, discussion, writing, role playing, and a variety of activities that will help the students understand and able to used these values. Parents should have the opportunity to get involved in the character development of their children. Most parents want the best for their children and want to be involved in their children’s education (Westbury, Hirsch, & Cornbleth, 2002). Parents want to see that their child is able to decide what is wrong or right and believe they can do their judging on doing the right thing. Majority of parents wants to be able to help their child at home in order for them to succeed in their education. When teachers and parents are involved in character development of education they are helping by shaping the character of the children. The ways teacher and parents talk, conduct themselves, behaviors been model and expectations they transmit. Character education is everything that you are doing that influences the character of the children you are teaching. Teachers can use explicit instruction in character and valves by drawing it through their curriculum. They are able to teach it as a subject by creating character education lesson plans. Teachers can use different strategies through different kinds of activities that will help the students understand and apply all values. Having character education helps all schools to have a caring, safe learning environment for all students and gives them the supports toward academic development. This will help students to become successful citizens in all workplaces and with...
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