Modify a Squirrel-Cage Like Disc Brake with Nanomaterials

Topics: Disc brake, Drum brake, Brake Pages: 26 (7166 words) Published: March 31, 2013

Course: MBE6022 Project Development
Name: CHEN XiaoYin
Std. ID: 52695116
Tutor: Pro. Dung Sun & Dr. Kaili Zhang
Date: 23112012
As the increasing requirements for occupant safety, this project aims to study brake performance of disc brake. It proposed a new design for normal disc brake: restructure the disc and reselect frictional material. The new disc brake subvert traditional style: permits to remove original calipers and adds another two pads facing to inner surface of disc, which looks like a squirrel cage or a hollowed drum, the brake cylinder becomes two-way insides the disc and provides brake pressure for both inner pads to compress disc. These differences contributes to a larger friction area. Besides, combined with nanomaterials, the novel disc brake is advanced in heating fade resistance and corrosion resistance or what else. Make use of CAD and CAM, our project turn from theory to practice. Firstly, we will give a brief introduction about disc brake and nanomaterials. Secondly, we explains how to enhance the brake performance for the new disc brake with nanomaterials-present a method to compare inherent properties of different nanomaterials and select optimum kinds.Then, according to the structure of disc brake and basic parameter, we do some calculation use CATIA software to built the disc brake model and do analysis in ANSYS CFX. Draw from calculation and analysis, it is proved to make profits. Key words : disc brake, brake performance, nanomaterials

Project profile
The project focus on the issue of brake performance of disc brake, it modifies the normal style with redesigned structure and altered frictional material. This new brake (show in fig.2)permits to remove original calipers and adds another two pads facing to inner surface of disc, as the shape of disc is totally different-it looks like a squirrel cage or a hollowed drum. Besides, the brake cylinder becomes two-way insides the disc and provides brake pressure for both inner pads to compress disc. Maybe it will confuse you that why a drum-shape disc brake belongs to disc brake other than drum brake. It is because of the similar working principle with traditional disc-style brakes-regard plate-shaped disc as rotating element while its end face is working surface(Unlikely, drum brakes regard inner cylindrical surface as working surface). Combined with nanotechnology, the novel disc brake is advanced in manufacturing process as well. With the possible perfect brake performance, the new brake aims to expand its application from normal cars to racing cars. [pic] [pic]

Fig.1 Normal disc brake(CATIA model)

[pic] [pic]
Fig.2 Modified disc brake (CATIA model)

In designer and developer’s view
As well as brakes, airbags and seatbelts save lives, but not in everyday driving. It is possible to drive a car without seatbelts and airbags, but not without brake. The braking system is an important security system on vehicle chassis, while brakes are most fundamental brake devices that directly restrict vehicle’s movement. Therefore, brake performance dominates braking performance, so as to affect safety of traveling. Note that the concept of brake performance and braking is totally different. Brake performance is inherent capability of brakes themselves, unlike braking performance considers both brake device and control unit in general view. Namely, a better brake performance only equals better braking efficiency and heat-fade resistance, but not direction stability in braking. Enhancing braking performance is relatively complex that requires large quantity work to do. Improving brake performance is easier to achieve to some extent. With the ever-changing inventions of automobile industry, a great many work had been done...
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