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  • Published : September 26, 2012
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Modern Studies Essay – Lifestyle

Throughout the past years, our lifestyle has changed dramatically. Some are worse than others. Most of which is smoking, obesity and mortality/morbidity. This essay will outlook those factors and show just how much of an impact they have had on us.

One major factor of today’s lifestyle affections is obesity. As little common-sense as it may take to figure that out, it is a lot more serious than you may think. Well over a quarter of Scots alone are obese (according to a 2011 survey from a BBC health survey.) 22% of boys and 32% of girls are also obese under the age of 10. This has been so due to too-readily available foods both inside and outside of school. Many have argued for this to stop, however little difference has been made. If anything, it has increased. A Scottish Government health graph shows obesity in 1996 in adults aged 16-64, 63% were clinically overweight. In 2003 this had risen further to around 65% clinically OBESE. This is clearly a growing problem which needs to be seen to quicker than it is at current.

We Scottish as a nation love a good drink, no denying it. Some take it too far, too often. Resulting in what’s known as binge drinking. This can lead to all sorts of diseases and cancers affecting the liver, the organ that takes out all the toxins in what we eat. If it gets too stressed and collapses, it could easily terminate the host of the damaged liver. Whilst it may damage the consumer, he/she can damage others physically. In 2011, 50% of street crimes were commited as a result of intoxication. Alcohol over-consumption caused 30% of sexual offences in 2011. Whilst the adults may find it acceptable to hurt themselves, they have no idea of the influence they have upon the next generation. So bad that binge drinking is most common in 16-24 year olds. Be it at parties or out on the street, in some cases “just for the hell of it”. It’s also hurting the government’s pocket too, whilst we may not...