Modern Liberalism

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  • Published : April 9, 2013
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2. How liberalism was imposed on a nation state or group and degree to which this implementation benefited or harmed the people under this imposition of liberalism?

2) What principles of modern liberalism do you think can be successfully fostered in a country by foreign intervention? What principles of modern liberalism can be embraced only through domestic support or instigation? To what extent has the imposition of liberalism today affected people globally? Are there more effective ways of encouraging modern liberalism than those addressed throughout the chapter?

I think that the principles of rule of law, and individual rights and freedoms can be successfully fostered, because they are things that people as a whole seem to support. These principles, if put into place properly don't infringe on the freedoms of the individuals.

3) Historically, how successful do you think liberal democracies have been in fostering liberalism in the other countries?

I do not think that they have been as successful as they could have been fostering liberalism.

4) Do Western liberal democracies insist that all their foreign allies embrace liberalism? List examples where they have not done so and why this would be?

5) Are there circumstances in which a country's stability and national security are more important than its citizens rights to democratic self-determination? Why or why not?

I think that there are circumstances where stability and security outweigh the costs of democratic self-determination, but I think that they are only outweighed during very dire circumstances. I believe that every individual should have the right to self-determination, but I also believe that every person has the right to life, and if there comes a situation where a government has to choose between the safety, or prosperity of the population they should choose safety.
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