Modern Family Lifestyle

Topics: Sociology, Gender role, Family Pages: 3 (701 words) Published: December 16, 2011
The Modern Family Lifestyle
Olimpia D. Vargas
English 81/VF1
Professor: Hazar H. Shehadeh
South Texas College
[ October 24, 2011 ]

Nowadays, people argue that having traditional values and customs are less important in raising a family in today’s society. Going back to a brief period of time, in the twentieth century, traditional customs involved having complex procedures which now, at the present day, people are unwilling to waste their time to get into those complex procedures due to the economic crisis, heavy work schedules, and new perspectives of their society. What some people suggest is that most of the traditional values and customs should be abolished since modern life has been changing and will continue to develop at a fast rate changing its shift from complexity to simplicity.

The Modern Family Society
Whether you support a modern family or a traditional one, it is a common controversial issue that tends to divide people into two categories with opposing views. Traditional family supporters believe that this lifestyle is much better than the modern lifestyle because of the way that it promotes more values. However, other people argue that the modern family is the best because men and women are considered equal partners. In a poll conducted with 10 people, 40% of the participants preferred to adopt a modern lifestyle when raising a family in today’s society.

As the above results show, the modern lifestyle is not particularly as popular as the traditional one. However, some people still prefer to adopt it and to use it to raise their families in today’s society because of the way that it promotes individual freedom and challenges gender roles.

From all the good things that a modern lifestyle offers, the best one has got to be the individual freedom. This is the most valuable advantage that children who were born and raised in a modern lifestyle have. It is maintained that “There are more free things for the boys and...
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