Modern Day Slavery Still Exists...

Topics: Slavery, Human trafficking, Sexual slavery Pages: 2 (657 words) Published: October 31, 2012
Around the world lots of people are living in bondage. They work in fields and factories for brutal employers who treat them really bad. They work in homes for families that keep them lock up. Some people are forced to sell their bodies and beg in the streets for money. They are women, men and children of all ages. This is what I call Modern Day Slavery? There are different types of slavery in the world and they are sex trafficking, domestic servitude, factory and farm slavery, and child soldier slavery. In this paper I am going to talk about three most common kinds of modern day slavery and that is sweatshops, farm slavery, and sex slavery. Sweatshops are factories full of workers that work for very long periods of time and get little money or no money at all for the items they made. Farm slavery is when someone is forced to work on a plantation or in a home or other kind of residences. Sex slavery is when a human being is being forced into having intercourse repeatedly. Even though you may think that slavery was a long time ago and ended before you were born it still occurs today. Although slavery is illegal it still continues and I will explain all of these kinds of slavery in the next three paragraphs.

Today sweatshops can be found all over the world. Sweatshops as stated in my introduction are factories full of worker under age and under paid. A sweatshop may look like a nice well taken care of place but could still employ child laborers or still force employees to work long hours for little or no money. Sweatshops can also be extremely dangerous for their employees because they could be exposed to toxic fumes or heavy machinery without enough protection. While working. It may not seem like slavery but in my eyes it is. Farm slavery is when people are forced onto labor on plantations and other kinds of residences especially in Florida. Modern day slavery is the most common kind of slavery although every single kind of slavery still occurs today. Farm...
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