Modern Art Perspectives

Topics: Color, History of painting, Modernism Pages: 3 (1036 words) Published: May 1, 2013
Carnegie Museum of Art

Upon going into the art museum I was very unsure what to expect or find. I figured if I tried to focus more on modern art I would be able to perceive a better perspective of the art work. As I walked throughout the museum there were many different amazing pieces of art but I wanted to wait until I found something that really caught my eye, grabbed my attention and drew me in for a further look and interest. After looking at many rooms, many paintings, sculptures, and other pieces of art work I finally found gallery 16. Unsure of what the actual name of the room was, it really grabbed my attention with its bright popping colors within each of its paintings. Being so drawn in I went in and took a further look and realized that paintings have a much greater way of grabbing my attention over sculptures and other exhibits in the museum. Out of the four paintings in the room the artists included Tomma Abts, Mark Grotjahn, Mel Bochner, and Hirsushi Sugito. The way they applied their skills to these paintings really drew me in to sit down and take a better look at their paintings. The first and my overall favorite piece that grabbed my attention in the beginning and drew me into the room was a painting done by Mel Bochner named syncline done in 1981. What really drew me into this painting and gallery was not only the bright eye grabbing colors but the abstract shape of the painting. With its variation of shapes and colors it took me back to when I was in middle school art class when we use to create drawings using a variation of shapes and bright colors. This particular piece used a variation of shapes such as triangles squares and pentagons. Using a color variation with different shades of purple, brown, yellow and red making it very attention grabbing to viewers. The second piece of art work that grabbed my eye was the creation done by Hirsushi Sugito, Untitled done in 2006. The different points of this painting that really grabbed my eye...
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