Models of Organized Crime

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  • Published : June 21, 2011
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Models of Organized Crime
University of Phoenix

Models of Organized Crime
There are different models of organized crime. The main models are the patron-client model and the bureaucratic model. The client-patron organization main goal is to gain profit and power while conducting any criminally illegal activity that they may require to do. The bureaucratic organizations goal is to stop all criminal activities. Patron-Client Organization

The patron-client organization resembles a social network. The organization networks with the police, community, and public official just to name a few. There is one main boss. The boss has his counselor to seek advice and his underboss to carry out his orders. The underboss has captains underneath them to complete their goals. The captain has members that are underneath them to help them accomplish their current goal. The organizations goal is to make a profit and gain power. The bigger the profit and power the larger the organization will become. The patron-client organization conducts their normal business but these businesses are cover-ups for their illegal activities. The organization is involved in many criminal activities, some common types of illegal activities they are involved with are loan-sharking, prostitution, gambling, and drug trafficking. They will assist a community with major functions, while they take advantage of the opportunity to further their own welfare. All the members of this organization see the organization as a family. It is unthinkable to go against your family, so they...
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