Modeling Theory in Perspective

Topics: Aggression, Scientific method, Albert Bandura Pages: 2 (623 words) Published: December 3, 2011
Modeling Theory in Perspective

Modeling Theory in Perspective
CRJ 105- Crime and Criminal Behavior

Professor Marlene Armstrong
Strayer University

Kamala Simone Buck
February 7, 2011

Modeling Theory in Perspective

What is modeling theory one might ask. Well Modeling theory is defined as a form of social learning that people learn how to act by observing other (Schmalleger Page 231). A recent look into the modeling theory is the work of Albert Bandura who developed a comprehensive modeling theory of aggression. He tells us that a complete theory of aggression must explain how aggressive patterns are develop what makes people act with aggression or even what provokes them to act aggressively. Bandura also looked into the modeling behavior of which into is tide into the modeling theory of aggression. Thought the paper I will be looking into the Bandura theory in more depth.

One of the major and most spoke of components of the modeling theory are aggression by learning rewarding. Aggression by learning looks into how aggressive patterns are developed, and what may provoke one to act with such aggression. Bandura explains that through physical assaults and verbal threats and insults can all provoke aggressive behavior in the Modeling theory. For example when you have children who observe someone to whom they look up too beating and kicking someone they will tend to follow that some person they look up too patterns. It is just like when kids see rapper on music videos with all the money and gold chains and they here the way that they speak of how they got them weather it is through drugs or working hard everyday. The children will more that likely notice that same rap star habits.

Modeling Theory in Perspective

Looking into the aggression by rewarding is as said by Bandura is the “reduction of aversive treatment”. By this Bandura meant by one standing up for them selves can improve the way that one is treated by others. Saying that...
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