Mobile Phone and Social Networks

Topics: Mobile phone, IPhone, Smartphone Pages: 2 (499 words) Published: November 8, 2011
Essay of our social issue “Smartphone addiction”
During the past years the Apple Company has created different technological devices for communicating and entertains people around the world, and nowadays these tools have become in an important part of our lives. This is the case of the mobile phones and smart phones, which allow you to keep it in touch with your friends and connect you to the social networks, changing people’s life style and creating a dependence or addiction to its use. Even though, the first smart phone was created in 1992 by IBM, these electronic devices became as an useful tool five or four years ago, when people start buying this kind of cellphone to communicate, organize and send e-mails, guarantying a total connectivity and getting the things done easily. At the same time, we can say people use the smart phones as a personal laptop, where they write in word or office programs, make short presentations, download music, post photos and videos and talk with their friends through the social networks as messenger, twitter, my space, facebook and mails, increasing the lack of personal contact and making the communication an indirect act. This case is evident in the family and at school, where a member or members of these communities prefer to pay attention to the blackberry or Iphone instead of talking to other people and to their own family. In this way, we can see the use of Smartphone can produce collateral effects, where the machines created with the main objective of communicate are now generating health and psychological problems. For example, the frequent use of the social networks through a mobile device can produce stressful situations for the ones who are addicted to the chats or online applications, because if the internet connection is not available when they want it, they will start a crisis for not being connecting, which generates a high level stress and can produce heart diseases. Another health problem is the low vision,...
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