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Topics: Teacher, Education, School Pages: 4 (1267 words) Published: February 1, 2013
Financial Stress and private schools
Issues related to finances emerged as another but more important source of stress for teacher. The data reflected various kinds of financial stresses. Low Salary Packages
In private schools teacher are given low salary packages, making it very hard to meet their household requirements. Due to this reason teachers do not take interest in teaching and their family is always unhappy with the salaries packages. Therefore, the low salary package is a source of stress for teachers. One of the teachers stated: “As teachers we work very hard but what we get in return is not enough to meet our basic family needs” (Excerpt from teacher’s interview). Sandra Feldman, president of the American Federation of Teachers, had once said that if we want to improve the quality of our schools, a major part of that is to make sure that attract the best and the brightest and you’re not going to do that without increasing salaries. Lack of Resources

Resources are necessary for teaching and learning as without resources teachers cannot teach in effective ways. But in the private schools of Gilgit-Baltistan there are not enough resources for teachers which make their life very challenging. One of the teachers said: “private schools are managed through the income from the students’ tuition fees. Therefore, the resources in these schools are never enough to run the schools effectively. If you increase fee to add to the school income, students drop out and the enrollment decreases. So, it is a big challenge to manage the private schools” (Excerpt from teacher’s interview). Hence, lack of material and human resources is a source of ongoing challenge and frustration for teachers in the private. Teacher wages and teacher quality

The Coleman report looked at a variety of specific schooling resource measures, most notably teacher characteristics, finding positive relationships between these traits and student outcomes. A multitude of studies on the...
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