Mktg Creative Brief

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Mini Cooper Creative Brief


Mini is a British automotive brand owned by BMW. It made its debut in the year 1959. From that time to today Mini has achieved a great reputation within the market. The Classic Mini, which is the original design-to-space concept, influenced generations of car makers with its transversal placed engine which enables space saving. New Mini models also live up to its characteristics as a small city car that creates space inside and saves space outside. Mini is also selected as the second most influential car of the 20th century. Mini cars are designed to be small city cars. The small cars business (which is also called the supermini cars) is about being economical and affordable, also they are easy to drive and park. Mini is one of the most preferred supermini cars of the world.

Situation Analysis

In this section, we will seek to obtain information needs of customers via close analyses of 5C functions.

1. Customers: Customers of Mini Cooper seek experience for quality. They also value high quality in place of price. Especially in the launch of Turkey, Mini Cooper competed against BMW for being the top quality car. One important challenge that users of this car face is that there is the risk of its becoming fad. 2. Company Image: Image of Mini Cooper cars is that it is a masculine and attainable car and in the middle of the range price levels. The marketing strategy of the company was geared towards designing a small and efficient car that also has a personal style. Everything about the strategies of the product is personalized and customers receive individualized emails regarding the trends and changes in offers. The experience part of the Mini Cooper holds the top priority. Once you purchase the car, the experience continues and you continue to enjoy the deliverables of the car. Personalized services that are delivered via Owner's Lounge are examples of how personalized services consumers receive in the end. 3. Competitors: Major competitors of Mini Cooper are Mercedes and Fiat companies because their value offers are almost the same as Mini Cooper. The strength of Mini Cooper as compared to these companies is that its products are easy and fun to use. One gets total experience out of the use of Mini Cooper cars. 4. Collaborators: The Company has approximately 3000 BMW, 1300 Mini and 80 Roles-Royce dealership agreements. The dealerships of these three brands remained the same in recent three years. In the last year, expansion in terms of dealerships expanded in emerging economies like Russia and China. Dealerships operate with Customer and Services centers and the success factor behind these network models lie in their ability to deliver higher customer satisfaction. Consolidations at some international big cities and a slight decrease in number of branches are some of the ways company has undertaken. 5. Context: An important effect that took place in operating environment of Mini Cooper is about the recession. Due to crises, the number of passenger cars declined and China has replaced the USA as the world's top and largest vehicle market. The passenger car market has focused on European Union and Mini Cooper Turkey can benefit from this opportunity to a large extent. Germany and UK have the highest level of demand in the market. Dealer financing and business in motorcycle business also increased radically even though there are effects of crises. Focus of the company has recently been towards sustainability in production and environmental concerns. The fact that company reduced its non-recyclable production by 30 percentages is a good sign of its compatibility with the environment pressures.

Current Strategy of Mini Cooper

The current marketing strategy of the company when launching a new model is generally based on TV and outdoor advertising, press and cinema. These are used to create a top of the mind awareness and desire of the target audience. Mini defines...
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