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This report will discuss the marketing plan of Café de Coral. This report will have four major components namely marketing strategy, coordination of the marketing mix, action plan, and control. Under the marketing strategy are the four essential elements of the marketing mix such as product, pricing, place, and promotion, each of which will include a detailed discussion on the relevant strategies.

Café de Coral is the leading fast food brand in Hong Kong. With its average of 300,000 consumers being served daily, Café de Coral is undoubtedly the undisputed leading fast food restaurant in Hong Kong. The company attributes its becoming the most successful fast food brand in Hong Kong to its broad experience from being a part of the food and catering industry for 34 years. Since Café de Coral has been in the business for such a long time, its proven experience has made Café de Coral one of leading companies in Asia. Café de Coral is a fast food enterprise that is becoming more and more global. Since Café de Coral is the largest restaurant chain throughout the world, it is not surprising that Café de Coral is listed in the Hong Kong stock exchange. Café de Coral has various business operations and has even managed global expansion. The major business operations of Café de Coral include fast food restaurants, institutional catering, specialty restaurants, food manufacturing and distribution, and other international food and beverage enterprises. Since the loyal consumers of fast food restaurants are developing perceptions of fast food outlets because of communicating with other consumers, being exposed to promotions and advertising campaigns, and personally experiencing fast food service in the past, and other sources, international fast food consumption is increasingly becoming popular in the market. In the food service business, it is recognised that marketing strategies should understand the perceptions and preferences of the consumers for quick service restaurants and how these vary across segments.

Marketing Strategy
With the wide variety of fast food restaurants, the promotional campaigns of Café de Coral must develop a perception among people that Café de Coral are the best fast food restaurants in Hong Kong and in other countries. The positioning of Café de Coral can be enhanced and changed by means of careful and selective promotional campaigns. Café de Coral serves various fast foods, mostly served sizzling on a single-serving iron skillet. Café de Coral restaurants are fast food versions of favourite Chinese dishes served mostly in high-end restaurants and luxurious hotels. This seems to be though for a fast food chain like Café de Coral. On the other hand, technological developments have provided numerous opportunities for the food retailing industry in Hong Kong and elsewhere. Having said this, there is no reason for Café de Coral not to consider technology in its marketing efforts. Since the goal is to commercially diversify the market, Café de Coral should integrate social network advertising to increase its web presence. There are many ways by which Café de Coral may be able to utilize social media marketing in its operation. This may be a marketing strategy that could be launched in 2013 and beyond. Café de Coral has to communicate with the different markets that they operate in, inside and outside Hong Kong. Again, the operation is geographically disseminated that it would be impracticable for the business to do such at the individual level. Social marketing medium can therefore provide consumers with more insight about the business while also engaging them in the contents of the site. Café de Coral can easily target large portion of the consumer market through social networking sites. The plan is to create value for the consumers through communicating with them through the social networking medium. Social media is considered as new-age platforms where connecting, sharing, communicating, and building...
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