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Vlad Hicks
English III/ Mrs. Beavers
April 11, 2013
The Raven's Omen
American's most prized author Edgar Allen Poe wrote the poem that made people jump out of their socks. "the raven" was such a success his name was heard of everywhere making him a common known Gothic author throughout America. Even though the poem he wrote was such a success, He only made fifteen dollars off of it. Making the "the raven'' so unique Poe creates a feeling of uncertainty for the reader through his use of setting, mood, and suspense.

Poe uses setting to create a feeling of uncertainty in his poem. There is a sense of lost hope and an elusive future when the narrator says, "Distantly I remember it was in the bleak December"(7). The atmosphere of his surrounding creates a since of unhappiness and depression for the narrator. causing confusion and uncertainty of what events taking place, Poe frightens the readers by having the odd things happen to the narrator," The silken, sad, uncertainty rustling of each purple curtain thrilled me filled, with fantastic terrors never felt before "(13-14) caused a fright for the readers, confusing since the curtains couldn't have been fluttered due to the window being closed.

Poe uses diction to let the readers have an idea of what the narrator going through. The narrator in the story is in a deep pain, regret, and depression, the narrator describes what his feeling," back into the chamber turning, all my soul within me burning"(30).The lost hope and deep depression is shown by the character when he says "Till I scarcely move than muttered, other friends have flown before"(56-57).

Poe uses great suspense in the raven to keep the readers interested the poem .------------------------"here I opened wide the door-darkness there and nothing more"(21-22). Then to scare the reader he would build the suspense up to his potential he writes "soon again I heard a tapping somewhat louder than before".

Poe style of writing in the way he sets his...
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