Mistake That Parents Make

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  • Published : November 1, 2011
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Illustration Essay: Mistake that parents make
Since the beginning of time, parents have tried to perfect the different parenting styles. Although most parents believe that they have perfected their parenting styles, there are still mistakes that parents make. There are different mistakes parents make when it come down to parenting which they are not aware of; some of these mistakes are due to the fact that they were brought up in the same way, while others are because they never learned about different ways to effectively get through to their children. There are several examples of mistakes parents make, and some of these examples are: having little to no communication with their children, limited interactions with their children, interacting with their children as though they were their friends instead of parents, overly punishing, or not punishing their kids, and allowing themselves to be taken advantage of by their kids are some of the mistakes. First of all communication, a strong and healthy family is built on having great communication amongst the members of the family, communication between members of a family is very important in holding a family together. Parents sometimes neglect the importance of communication in the family; either they are constantly talking without listening, listening without giving any feedback, or simply not communicating effectively at all. The mistake parents make when it comes to communicating is the fact that most parents believe that since they are the adults in the family, they have the right to make decisions on behalf of everybody in the family without talking it through. Some parents also believe that having little to no communication in the family lessens confrontations. Communication is the key, and without effective communication parents wouldn’t be giving their kids enough chance to express themselves, and this can cause the kids to rebel against the parents and the decisions they make....
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