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UK Touring Theatre presents

Miss Julie

by August Strindberg in a new translation for the 21st century

EDUCATION PACK Spring Tour 2013

UK Touring Theatre presents

Miss Julie by August Strindberg
in a new translation for the 21st century
Tours nationally from 16th April to 18th May 2013 Directed by Denis Noonan Production Design by Mike Lees Lighting Design by Crin Claxton

“Donʼt step down Miss, take my advice. No one will believe that you willingly descended, people will always say that you fell” Miss Julie, widely regarded as August Strindbergʼs masterpiece, is a tale of lust, power, class conflict and boundaries broken. Midsummer's Eve, Sweden, 1888. While the servantsʼ party continues in the barn outside, aristocratic Miss Julie is drawn to the kitchen and to the socially ambitious Jean, her fatherʼs valet. What starts as a harmless flirtation, soon descends into a ferocious power struggle, from which neither can escape. Miss Julie was one of the most important plays of the Naturalistic movement in 19th century European theatre. Its vivid depiction of the class system is still as pertinent today, and has received worldwide critical acclaim. This production presents an ideal opportunity for students to experience and study a classic text, exploring the productionʼs themes, characters and the style of Naturalism. It is the World Premiere of an exciting new English translation of the play, so an excellent chance for your students to engage with the play through a powerful and accessible production. The production is particularly suitable for Key Stage 4/5 students studying towards GCE A Level Drama and Theatre Studies or Performing Arts, BTEC Performing Arts and GCSE Drama or Performing Arts. It is also of relevance to GCE A Level and GCSE students of English Literature, History and Sociology.

Please note: This production is not thought suitable for young people under the age of 14.



About this Education Pack

This Education Pack is designed to fully support our touring production of Strindbergʼs Miss Julie, and provide you with additional Drama and cross-curricular activities to enhance your visit to the production, and to build into your existing study.

The resource comprises 3 sections:

Before your visit
This section contains background information on the play, as well as practical activities to help your students fully understand the play before their visit, by encouraging them to think about the themes, characters and social/historical content. • • • • • • Miss Julie Synopsis August Strindberg Characters Themes Literary and Theatrical Context Historical and Social Context

Watching the play
This section contains background information on the production and the theatre company; as well as questions and activities that students can engage with during their visit to see the production, to help maximise their understanding and enjoyment. • • • • Watching the production Cast Biographies Creative Biographies Translating Strindberg – an interview with the director Denis Noonan

Evaluation and Follow-up Activities
This section contains guidance for an evaluation session following the production, based on your studentsʼ critical appreciation; as well as suggestions for follow-up activities. 


Miss Julie Synopsis
The play takes place on Midsummerʼs Eve in Sweden in 1888. The entire play is set in one location, the kitchen of a large estate belonging to a Swedish Count (Miss Julieʼs father). The action of the play takes place over a single night and the early hours of the next morning. The three characters in the play are Miss Julie the Countʼs adult daughter, Jean his Valet and Kristin his cook. The Count himself is never seen. The play opens with Kristin alone in the kitchen cooking at the stove. Music can be heard from the servantsʼ Midsummerʼs Eve party in the barn outside. Jean enters to eat his dinner and reports that Miss Julie...
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