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  • Published : May 10, 2013
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IKEA’s Exam
Question 1 .
List the type of Information Systems used by IKEA and mentioned in the case study. For each Information System listed, state briefly if and why it provides IKEA with a competitive advantage? (6/20) (2 points par SI)

Many IS are used by IKEA:
1. Ikea has an enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems or an Enterprise System that integrats all the company’s software, modules and propose a common central database. It Collects data from many divisions of firm for use in nearly all of firm’s internal business activities. The ERP can enhance IKEA’s operational efficiency, Provide firm wide information to support decision making, Enable rapid responses to customer requests for information or products, Include analytical tools to evaluate overall organizational performance… But the competitive advantage will be related to how people will use the ERP (2 points)

2. The IKEA’s SCMIS (supply chain management information systems) can help her reducing logistical costs. It can help in matching supply to demand. Reduce inventory levels. Improve delivery service. Speed product time to market. Use assets more effectively. Reduced supply chain costs lead to increased profitability. Increased sales. VMI (Vendor Management Inventory) can offer better management stocks. CPFR (collaborative planning forecasting and replenishment) can enhance the whole supply chain by offering a pull model. It helps IKEA in forecasting more precisely demand according to seasonality… (2 points)

3. CRM (customer Relationship Management) can help to better meet customer’s needs. It can help proposing a specific layout for stores worldwide in order to meet the customer’s expectation. Special promotions and community-wide events can increase customer’s satisfaction and increase sales. But it also reduced direct-marketing costs (2 points)

Question 2.
Are the information systems strategy and the business strategy of IKEA aligned? (5/20) (1 point pour...
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