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The Role of Digital In the Furniture Shopper Path to Purchase Google/Compete U.S., November 2012

Google Confidential and Proprietary


Overview & methodology
•  •  Better understand how digital drives furniture research and purchases Compete conducted an online survey using panelists who researched or shopped for furniture online within the past six months. Surveys were fielded between May 18th through June 12th 2012 (n=635) Clickstream purchase analysis was run for Q2 2011 through Q2 2012 (aggregated)


We tracked consumers online shopping activity to understand shopping and searching patterns.

We analyzed the behavior of furniture purchasers tracking their behavior backward from the point of purchase.

Surveyed furniture shoppers to understand their shopping behavior.

Source: 2012 Google/Compete Retail Furniture Study, U.S., U.S..

Google Confidential and Proprietary


Executive summary

1 2 3 4 5

Digital shopping for furniture is on the rise: nearly all furniture categories grew visitation year-over-year, with online only and dept. stores increasing over 50%. Digital influences offline furniture sales: 66% of in-store purchasers accessed the internet while looking for information on furniture. Mobile devices aid discovery: Nearly half of mobile furniture shoppers discover new brands on mobile devices (44%). Online purchasers research often but are quick to decide: 63% of purchasers visited multiple brand sites, and over half purchased within one week of researching. Non-branded queries are used to support branded research: half of conversions were assisted by non-branded terms and 27% of converters ended their research process with a non-branded search. Google Confidential and Proprietary 3

Source: 2012 Google/Compete Retail Furniture Study, U.S.

1 in 4 furniture buyers purchase online
Q. Where did you purchase this furniture?
Phone-orders 1% 25% Online



Source: 2012 Google/Compete Retail Furniture Study, U.S. : Q3 How did you purchase this furntiure? (n=256)

Google Confidential and Proprietary


Unique furniture shoppers are up 5% YOY online
The industry averages over 15M furniture online shoppers
Unique Visitors to Furniture Categories (Aug ’11-Aug ‘12) 6 5 Millions 4 3 2 1 0

Furniture Stores

Mass Merchant/Dept. Store

Online Only Retailer

Source: Google/Compete Furniture Study U.S. (Aug 2011-Aug 2012) Clickstream IT01, Unique Site Visitors

Google Confidential and Proprietary


Key purchase driver for furniture shoppers is replacing old furniture

45% 28% $ 23% 19%

I am buying a replacement for worn/old/broken furniture I am upgrading existing furniture I am redecorating/renovating a room or my home I am moving to a newly purchased/ rented home

Source: 2012 Google/Compete Retail Furniture Study, U.S. Q: Why did you purchase this product? n=256, Multiple Response O1: Did you purchase the furniture you most recently researched or shopped for? n= 635

Google Confidential and Proprietary


Furniture shoppers prioritize style over in-stock availability or warranty options Importance of features during the furniture shopping process Style of Furniture Material of Furniture Durability/Ability to Clean Size of Furniture Color of Furniture In Stock Availability Matching Pieces Available Warranty Options Concealed/Hidden Features 32% 49% 60% 69% 82% 81% 81% 80% 78%

Source: Source: 2012 Google/Compete Retail Furniture Study, U.S. QBI1 How important were each of the following features to you when shopping for furniture? Please select only one option per feature. Top 2 Box, n= 635,

Google Confidential and Proprietary


And consumers who shop online tend to spend more offline than those who do not Average Price Paid by Furniture Purchasers, Q3 2012
Shopped Online (Yes) Did Not Shop Online

$657 $600 $428 $233

In a Retail Store

From a Catalog/Mail Order

Source: Traqline Interactive Report- Q3 2012,...
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