Topics: Microsoft Windows, Morality, Windows Server 2008 Pages: 2 (274 words) Published: March 22, 2013
Describe why ethics and human values are important in system administration?
* Ethics is related to what is right for a person and whole society. Ethic is important for system administration as it will regulate job of system administration as there would be some rules that will protect human's rights as not using customer information for personal benefits.

2. What type of security is required for a Data Center?
* It needs physical security by controlling access to Data center, avoid using windows, and making backup for data.

Discuss the roles supported by Server Core (Windows Server 2008) and what are its ups and downs?
* Domain Name System Server, printing and file services

* Decrease the required space
* Less bugs risks
* Limit the things that you will manage
* In case you had service core you will not be able to upgrade to the full version or vise versa. * Doesn’t support user interface

What are namespaces and how they are maintained?

* It is like a library that contains all categories of identifiers that makes it easier and reduces number of codes. It is used as a prefix before the local name.

5. Being a network and system administrator, what would you monitor on your
network and how?
* Trying to avoid downtime as it will effect users 100percent * Applying security to user account
* Check the faulty hardware replace it and upgrade it.
* Installing OS and applications
* automating the updates.
* Make sure to backup important data.
* Monitoring logs and system


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