Topics: United Kingdom, British Empire, World War II Pages: 3 (564 words) Published: March 18, 2013
Russia and America are working together because they want the British Empire to disappear A chance for both super powers to take control the cannel isn’t in any of the Russians or American sphere of influence Also they don’t want the incident to blow up into a massive cold war incident On the 15 November the Britain launches there air born invasion. In that faithful week, America threatened Britain if you don’t pull out of the cannel they would trash there economy the United Nations ordered Britain to leave the cannel, when Britain said no American threatened them. Britain had been stabbed in the back by AMERICA :O !

America will NOT support Great Britain when trying to defend their empire Huge amount of aid from Russia…
Inflicting a DEATH BLOW on Britain’s influence on the world Nasser closed the cannel
British colonies would become unstable
Geographically Britain was cut off from it empire and also if they did try and defend their empire they just go threatened by the Americans In the 1960s America began to lose the Vietnam War, they asked Britain to come help them, at the time in 1967 the PM said NO! The pm sir Antony Eden has to resign.

Suez meant that Britain’s imperialist policies would have to fade away. WHAT EFFECT DID THE SUEZ 1956 CRISIS HAVE ON BRITAINS FOREGIN POLICIES??! (common exam question)

GB won’t be able to defend its empire any longer
USA will not give unconditional support to Britain
Soviet threat in Europe
= Britain is at its weakest since 1750 (POWER LOST)
Soviet at threat, cannot be relying on America
Lost massive amounts on power and influence on the world
If Britain wanted to be one of the wests strongest powers we would have stronger ties with the EU. Robert Cass theory: America squashed Britain’s interested to prevent the incident to escalate into a massive incident. The INCIDENT draws a wedge between the western allies

Christopher Braun: Suez reconsidered Suez had a disastrous and profound...
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