Misconduct Investigations

Topics: Discrimination, Police, Racism Pages: 1 (335 words) Published: January 18, 2013
In some Internal Affairs units, it is common practice for Internal Affairs to propose a finding to the ultimate decision-maker. Sometimes, Internal Affairs also proposes discipline to the ultimate decision-maker. In those agencies, the investigators are seen as closest to the facts and as professionals best positioned to weigh evidence and testimony. In those agencies, Internal Affairs plays a role in assuring the consistency, accuracy, and appropriateness of the disciplinary process. In other Internal Affairs units, the role of the investigator is narrowly defined to producing a neutral, objective, and accurate factual summary. Internal Affairs should conduct all serious administrative investigations, including but not limited to officer-involved shootings, in-custody deaths, alleged constitutional violations, allegations of racial profiling or discriminatory policing or racial prejudice, dishonesty, drug use, sexual misconduct, cases handled for other jurisdictions, interagency cases, and cases referred directly by the agency head or command staff. Internal Affairs should also conduct all administrative investigations of allegations of misconduct that are likely to result in litigation against the agency or its members. Unless there is a specialized unit to handle internal complaints by employees of discrimination, sexual harassment, and other unlawful employment practices, Internal Affairs should conduct such investigations. Internal Affairs may investigate instead of the direct supervisor because some policies are set up that way. Internal Affairs can investigate without any feelings being involved towards the officer. When you work together and especially with your direct supervisor they will develop feelings toward you in one way or another whether they like you or not then if they do an investigation their feelings might decide on how the investigation goes. Internal Affairs are the best ones to do an investigation because this makes sure that everything...
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