Misconceptions About Pit Bull Terriers

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  • Published : May 21, 2013
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Misconceptions about Pit Bull Terriers
CM 220
Sean Jolley
May 16, 2013
Kaplan University

It is better to understand the breed and where they come from before making assumptions about the type of animal they are. The Europeans wanted a stout muscular breed that had feistiness to it that they could use for baiting or rat fights (pitbull411.com). Yes, it is true that the breed started off as a fighting dog that was used to bait bulls that were uncontrollable by their owners. But when Europeans migrated to the United States they brought their dogs with them and the breed took on a new job. Although in present times the breed has been adopted by gangs for the use of fighting other dogs for monies and the protection of their owners, the breed has been shown to have different characteristics depending on how they are initially trained. The dogs that were trained to fight but did not make the cut were often turned loose in the streets to fend for themselves. Being scared and hungry they instinctively became aggressive to anyone that had approached them because of the abuse they endured as a pup. Other Pit Bulls that were brought up in loving homes showed characteristics of a friendly playful animal that showed no aggression to the owners or even strangers. Before judgment is passed about the Pit Bull breed, how they are trained and who they are owned by should be taken into consideration. Laws should not be created banning the breed but to ensure that they are properly owned and trained ensuring safety for the general public and reducing the possibility that this breed of animal becomes extinct. Why are Pit Bull Terriers the only breed that is heard about in the news as being a vicious and dangerous dog that will bite you? In the 1700’s the Pit Bull Terrier was nicknamed the “Nanny Dog” because they were protective over the children in a family (pitbull411.com). The Pit Bull was a cross breeding between a Bull Dog and several different terriers. This is the same...
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