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Topics: General Electric, Health care, GE Healthcare Pages: 3 (860 words) Published: January 27, 2013
ust seven congressional votes cast on 21 March
2010 brought to an end a bitterly-fought ideological
battle over healthcare reform in the US, with President
Obama’s historic Patient Protection Affordable Care
Act passed through Congress. It had been an ugly slog,
marred by bitter partisan politics from both Democrats
and Republicans, that had brought to the fore one of the
most pressing economic and social issues of the modern
era: health.
Just a month earlier, as Congress was horse trading to
get the act through, GE had launched a TV campaign
created by BB DO, New York during the Olympic Games
in Beijing to tell the world about how it was going to
address that problem. Healthymagination – with a
rousing tagline ‘better health for more people’ – was
born in mid-2009 and unveiled with much fanfare by five
TV commercials and an accompanying print campaign
at the Games, followed by a wealth of activity spanning
mobile, user-generated content, branded utility, mobile
apps and content.
The timing could hardly have been better. Not only are
Americans living longer but, in many cases, they are also
leading unhealthier lives resulting in chronic illnesses.
As the burgeoning growth of healthcare in developing
markets like China and India has proved, health has
become big business. In January 2009, for example,
the Chinese government announced a three-year, ¥850
billion ($128 billion) overhaul of the country’s healthcare system, while a recent report from Springboard Research
projected IT spending in India’s healthcare industry to
grow from $274.2 million in 2009 to $609.5 million in
The US has by far the most expensive healthcare
system per capita in the world, at around $7,500 per
person per annum, according to OECD Health Data
stats for 2008, compared with around $3,100 pppa for
the UK. A recent report for the Centers For Medicare
and Medicaid projected the total healthcare expenditure
in the US to rise from $2.6 trillion to a...
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