Minority Rights as Human Rights: Hegemonic Media Representation of Minority Groups in Pakistan

Topics: Human rights, Minority group, United States Pages: 26 (4392 words) Published: January 7, 2014
The International Asian Research Journal 02(01): pp.28-35, 2014 ISSN: 2310-337X
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Minority Rights as Human Rights: Hegemonic Media
Representation of Minority Groups in Pakistan

PhD Fellow School of Communication, Universiti Sains Malaysia, Penang Malaysia. 2


Shumaila Ahmed, 2 Ali Hassan & 3 Rana Shahzad

Lecturer, Department of Media Studies Islamia University of Bhawalpur, Pakistan.

Assistant Professor, Department of Media Studies Islamia University of Bhawalpur, Pakistan.

Abstract: Minority Rights have been considered important in every nation and in every age. The Present research is conducted to study the situation of media representation of minorities and their rights in Pakistan and content analysis of news reports of GEO News Channel of Pakistan during the period from January, 2013 to March, 2013. The objective of this descriptive and analytical study is to explore the positive / negative role of popular media in the protection or violation of Minority Rights in Pakistan. The technique of systematic sampling is used. By Using SPSS the descriptive method was used to represent the findings of the research the relationship among the data collected was also explored through statistical methods. The hypothesis about these phenomenon and linkages among them were tested through chisquare test. The findings of the study reveal that the most popular news network of Pakistan portrays the minority rights issues in a biased way and usually give a very little space to the issues of minorities in their daily news broadcast. A detailed discussion about the findings, demographic variable, acceptance and rejection of hypothesis was made in the relevant portion of the study after concluding it. Keywords: Minority Rights, Human Rights, Media, Violation, Protection.



Rights of minorities have always been one of
the most complex and debatable issue and dilemma of
human civilization from the beginning of history and
especially from the start of this century. In spite of
media boom, globalization, widespread education,
enlightenment and constitutional guarantees which are
written practically in every constitution of the world,
ethnic, religious, linguistic and cultural minorities are
not yet free from harassment, discrimination and
persecution in every corner of this world. Media
representation of minority groups has always been a
very imperative ground for research and also a
controversial issue in community of every civilization
as well [1].

Minority is defined as a group which is
generally well thought-out as low graded in a state, not
only numerically but also in matter of power, strength,
culture and status, in contrast to the overall population
in the country [2]. Some critics say that the nondominant cluster of any state or civilization is generally the minority group of that society or country. It is in
point of fact the freedom or right of every community
or people of every religion to live their life, according
to their own will and culture. Likewise there is no
universally accepted definition of minority in
international human rights law all over the world [3].
Minority rights are very important component of human
rights in the discussion of Law of international justice.
While [4] argues that in fact minority rights are the


Corresponding Author: Shumaila Ahmed, PhD Fellow School of Communication, Universiti Sains

Malaysia, Penang Malaysia

The International Asian Research Journal 02 (01): 28-35, 2014 human rights because if some state guarantees the
protection of human rights then naturally the minority
rights are also protected as well. Moreover, it is always
believed that when some state confirms the human
rights in her country, then it will be ensured that it has
confirmed the minority rights as well. Furthermore, [5]
argues that if we could change the model of minority
rights into...
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