Minorities and Women in Criminal Justice

Topics: Police, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Crime Pages: 3 (1070 words) Published: February 28, 2013
There are many key issues impacting minorities and women in the criminal justice system . Sexism still exists in the United States. Sexism against women is shown in the media and indicates that sexism still pervades in our society. Another key issue is the overrepresentation and disparities among minorities in the criminal justice system. After the act of September 11, racial profiling and other acts of racial hate crimes suggests that racism occurs. Another key issue that indicates that racial disparities occur in the criminal justice system is the overrepresentation of minorities in the Juvenile Justice system. Sexism against women- Sexism still pervades in our society. A clear example of this is the way Hillary Clinton was treated in the elections. Hillary faced many gender-based abuse by the media and many individuals. “Multiple studies on women in national security have shown concerns about the progression of women into senior leadership positions (Erbe, 2008).” Some feel women are inferior to men, this is clearly a form of sexism. Statistics from U.S. Bureau of Justice indicates that women are much more likely than men to experience “nonfatal intimate partner violence”. 30% of female homicide victims are estimated to have been killed by intimate partners in comparison to 5% male homicide victims. In the past, women were not included in higher education. When women were included in higher education , they were encouraged into majors that were less intellectual. Women have been excluded from participating in many professions. Based on a 2009 study conducted by Cornell University on the topic of CEOs, research suggests that while being obese limit’s the career opportunities of both women and men, being a bit overweight harms only female executives and may actually benefit male executives. There’s also a disparity of wages between men and women. Today, women earn 75% of the income of men. Research conducted suggest that mothers are 44% less likely to be...
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