Minimum Spanning Trees

Topics: Computer, Minimum spanning tree, Electrical engineering Pages: 2 (466 words) Published: April 8, 2013
Minimum Spanning Trees
Computers are based on one basic element and that is data. All computers make use of different data sets and information for processing the same and giving the required results and output. Data need to be arranged in certain ways and forms to make sure that the same can be used in the best possible way. There are numerous ways in which the data can be arranged or formed depending on their usage. One such methodology or data structure is the minimum spanning tree. Minimum spanning trees are nothing but special spanning trees that have the minimum weight as compared to any other spanning tree. The spanning trees are special diagrams that define the arrangement of data or information in a defined way so that all the vertices get connected to each other. Following are some of the most important elements or characteristics of the minimum spanning trees. The most important characteristic of the minimum spanning tree is their possibility of multiplicity. These trees can be easily multiplied into more number of trees and thus help in the expansion of the dataset and the operations that can be performed on the same. These trees can also be made completely unique in terms of their structure and their weights. If the weights of the nodes in the tree are not changed then it is possible to keep the spanning trees completely unique in nature. The minimum spanning trees can also exhibit special cyclical properties wherein one can use a round loop for moving from one node to another. Such design and the ability to modify the trees help in making use of them for newer and additional places and applications. The edges of these trees can also be cut to give them new shapes or new forms. These minimum spanning trees can be used for numerous purposes and applications. They are of great importance in computer science and have specific applications in which can be used well. They are often used for the purpose of network design. The design of televisions,...
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