Mind Control Is the Foundation of Cults

Topics: Cult, Jonestown, Thought Pages: 4 (1507 words) Published: June 16, 2008
Mind Control is the Foundation of Cults

What are cults and what are the issues society argues about them? Many people argue over all different central issues of cults. One issue people argue is that cults cause social and personal disruption. Another issue would be that people in society dismiss the whole notion of cults completely saying that every religion can be viewed as a cult. However, when it comes down to it a cult is simply nothing other than a person using mind control over the people that are part of it.

The definition of a cult sometimes seems to vary but for the most part has a central theme. A cult is essentially a form of a religious group that follows an individual. It can be easily identified because the group’s lifestyle usually clearly separates them from the rest of society. “The leader teaches or promotes new practices to the group, which are usually unethical forms that are used to manipulate the followers (Singer 23).” Their leadership rules with unquestioned authority by using deception and also fear tactics. The leader also uses manipulative sessions that instill dependence of the group in people. Cults use these techniques to deprive the people of their free choice. The group or organization has a practice of worship that involves sacrifices, prayers, etc. “These practices are beliefs are set forth as supposedly “the truth” as told by their leaders and are conducted in secrecy ( Howard 12).” Their loyalty is to a supreme being, animal, or person.

Mind control is now an important issue that is being recognized more and more in today’s society. There are many views on mind control and how it comes about taking over a person. Mind control is ultimately intentional or unknowing changes in an individuals personality, beliefs, and physical or emotions states that is through a leader or authority figure. It is powerful and is used by destructive groups to control or dominate others that are around them. Mind...
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