Mind and Body

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Throughout our class discussion and reading we have learned much about philosophical theories and the many contradicting views people have against them. The mind and body problem has been in existence for centuries. Philosophers from all times have contemplated this problem; two of which are Rene Descartes and John Searle. The problem is how the body and mind interact with each other if they are separate. The mind and body are said to be two different entities that have different characteristics. At present we don't normally take this view seriously, we still tend to believe that we cannot be what we are if we are simply cells, tissues, organs. Many have argued that each holds its own properties and can be without the other. The mind and body are distinguishable in their properties but are derived from one another. The mind and body are codependent on each other and need one another in making decisions. The mind requires the body to learn and experience in order to make accurate judgments, while the body requires the mind to make its decisions for it. Without one or the other, they would not be able to perform.

We have a conception of at least two different kinds of properties that exist in the world, mental and physical. Mental in which is pain, desire, belief, kindness and physical which is hydrogen, pencils, mass, size and location. I believe the physical category would not exist if it was not for the mental category, in which is directly correlated with the mind and body, one cannot exist if it was not for the other. Parallelism says that there is no connection between any mental phenomena and any physical phenomena.

The mind and the body coexist together and thrive on the other by using the others traits. Many argue that a human’s death is not death until the brain or mind has stopped. Once the brain is stopped there is no function to control the body and cannot be revived. By that same statement, some argue that the same body that ends with the minds death does not begin until the brain is functioning or until the mind is able to make decisions. A newborn has a mind that is capable of making decisions, it does not know how to implement the decisions. It is through experience and time that the mind learns. The mind learns from the body, through the experiences that the body has. From touch to taste to sound, every experience is a new experience to a new mind. A newborn does not know what is around it nor does it know the sounds and smells that surround the hospital. The newborns mind uses the body to determine and make interpretations as to what the surroundings are. In that aspect the mind is dependent on the body. It needs the body to experience. The mind cannot feel a desk or smell a flower. It needs the body to relate those findings so that later it can make a judgment or decision on prior knowledge. The mind later can use its prior experiences and knowledge to make decisions that are relevant for that time. A quick example of how the mind and body are dependent is in the new technological revolution. A.I. or artificial intelligence is a computer that learns on its own. A.I. is able to experience and learn. The computer learns from using its senses, may they be wheels not legs, or sensors rather than eyes, to teach it self. For example, a computer could hit an object that is obstructing its path. Since the computer, like a mind, learns through its experiences by using the body it now knows that when there is an obstacle in its path to go around the object and not through it. With the mind being dependant on the body one could argue that without the body the mind would cease to exist. This is true but it is also true for the body not existing without the mind. It uses the body to make decisions almost like a puppet. If the mind feels the body needs food it makes the decision to have the body walk from point A to point B and eat an apple. The body however needs the mind to make those decisions. How would the...
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