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Topics: Nuclear power, Energy development, Peak uranium Pages: 9 (3184 words) Published: March 5, 2013
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What article etc lead you to choose the topic of the essay?

I didn’t even reference it because it didn’t really cover that much of what I ended up writing, but inspiration comes from funny places – no? After completing the essay was there anything you would have done differently? I feel I spent too much time researching and planning without leaving enough time for drafting! This caused me to omit many things I had hoped to include. I would have done more to fulfill the big goals I set myself in the methodology section and researched this area much more. Any comments on something you gained personally from researching/writing this essay? I feel that this essay has helped me improve my English writing skills. Subjects do not include enough language intensive assessments such as essays. It was truly refreshing to have the opportunity to practice and improve these skills! What aspect of your would you like me to comment on, give feedback on etc? I feel this task could have done with more structure. I did appreciate the freedom given to me and I like to think I made the most of it, but at the same time I cannot reasonably state that it did not cause me some headaches to come up with a topic. Ultimately I went with a somewhat disappointingly boring topic because I just had too many ideas. I decided I’d just settle on something safe. I sort of regret this, but this is the wrong subheading for introspection of that nature. Can you give me an estimate of what mark /25 you would realistically expect to receive for this essay? I think you might have difficulty finding fault with my referencing. There are lots of them from current sources and some are very respectable. So let’s go with a five for that section. I think my introduction adequately covered what I wanted. I think you might mark me down a little for having the thesis at the bottom rather than at the top of the introduction, but I just wanted to build to it. So I think you will hopefully give me a four for my introduction. My conclusion was mostly good, but perhaps it lacked adequate structure. I feel I rushed it. So, maybe a three?

This leaves the body, I don’t know how you mark these things, but I assume grammar, style, and structure are taken into account. On these metrics I’d add two marks to this section. I feel my content was quite good for the most part. I tried to be creative in my approach such that you may you think about my boring topic in ways you might not have previously thought about it. I tried also tried to structure things logically such that the sections felt like they were leading up to the conclusion. I messed this up toward the end, but oh well. Overall, I think I succeeded reasonably well and I’ll add another four marks to my total. The final criterion by which I guess I should make my assessment would be the extent to which I backed up my arguments with facts. I felt I did this especially well in the later sections, though the earlier sections were a bit sparse. I think I’ll contribute two more marks for this.

So… that makes twenty marks?

The Real Cost of Nuclear Energy
What is the best path forward to a sustainable future?
A fantastic spring of development has spread across the world over the past thirty years. The benefits of the industrial revolution have finally spread beyond the shores of historically developed countries and into the hearts of countries such as China, India, and South Korea. These advances have lead to the average infant by thirty percent in every developing continent with the exception of Africa.

Individuals within developed and fast developing countries are demanding life styles that are more affluent. This is express through the purpose of more consumer goods such as televisions, personal computers, iPads etc. They are also...
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