Milk and Checkout Line

Topics: Milk, Soup, Chicken Pages: 3 (415 words) Published: March 13, 2013
Tip Top Markets is a regional chain of supermarket located in the Southeastern United States, Karen Martin, manager of one of the stores, was disturbed by the large number of complaints from customers at her stores, particular on Tuesday, so she obtained complaints records from the store’s customer service desk fro the last eight Tuesdays. These are shown below; Assume you have been asked to help analyze the data and to make recommendations for improvement. Analyze the data using the checklist, a Pareto diagram, and run charts. Then construct a cause-and-effect diagram for the leading category on your Pareto diagram. Based on your analysis, prepare a list of recommendations that will address customer complaints. June 1 June 22

Out of Orange Yogurt
Bread stale
Checkout line too long
Double charged
Out of tangerines
Charged for items not
Couldn’t find sponges
Meat tasted strange
Store too cold
Light out in parking lot Cashier not friendly
Produce not fresh
Out of Progresso
chicken soup
Couldn’t find rice
Milk past sell date
Stock clerk rude
Out of maple walnut
ice cream
Something green in
Didn’t like music
Checkout line too
slow Milk past sell date
Store too warm
Foreign object in meat
Store too cold
Eggs cracked
Couldn’t find lard
Out of 42 oz, Tide
Fish really bad
Windows dirty Couldn’t find oatmeal
Out of Bounty paper towels
Overcharged on orange
Lines too long on checkout
Couldn’t find shoe laces
Out of Smucker’s
strawberry jam
Out of Frosty Flakes cereal
Out of Thomas English
June 8 June 29
Fish smelled funny
Out of diet bread
Dented can
Out of hamburger rolls
Fish not fresh
Out of bananas
Meat tasted bad
ATM ate card
Slippery floor
Music too loud Undercharged
Out of roses
Out of figs
Overcharged on two
Store too warm
Out of ice
Telephone of order
Rolls stale
Bread past sales
date Checkout line too long
Out of Dove soap
Out of...
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