Military Policy of South Korea

Topics: Military, Conscription, Human rights Pages: 3 (1088 words) Published: February 25, 2011
Military Policy of South Korea
In recent days, there are a lot of controversial issues in the world. For example, there is capital punishment, experiments on animals, abortion, gun control, etc. Especially, there is an argument about the military policy of South Korea. The policy has been argued for a long time from the past to recent times in South Korea. Some people say that South Korea has to have a military policy as conscription. Conscription is current policy in South Korea which government forces all young men to join the army. Sometimes it is called draft policy. On the other hand, other people say that there is no problem, even if South Korea has a volunteer military system. Almost all countries in the world have volunteer military system in these days except few countries such like Korea, Israel and Egypt. In this controversial issue, I agree that South Korea should change their military policy to volunteer military system, because draft policy has a few problems. The present military policy of South Korea is conscription. In other words, the government of South Korea forces all young men to join the army. Some people who insist on conscription say that there will be a crisis of the Korean peninsula. Actually, The Korean peninsula is still divided in two governments. People who insist upon draft policy always say that the divided Korean peninsula might make a dangerous situation someday. However, anti-draft policy people insist that conscription should be replaced by volunteer military system, because of some problems. My opinion is the same as anti-draft policy people. I think that there are two problems on conscription. First of all, conscription infringes on basic human rights. Conscription forces young men in South Korea to join the army. In South Korea, most young men join the army when they are 20 to 23 years old for two years. It limits young men’s time to study and enjoy their life. I think this time when the young men go to...
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