Military Id Importance

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  • Published : November 7, 2012
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The military utilizes a unique set of identification cards. These cards are for any person related to the armed forces, whether it is active duty or retired. They are also issued to family members of the armed forces, and civilian Department of Defense workers. Military identification cards are required components of militar uniforms. Army regulation 670-1 requires that soldiers carry a military-issued identification card at all times, whether in or out of uniform. Military ID cards are required to travel on and off military installations, access commissaries, Post Exchanges and dinning Facilities, and serve as an indication of a service member's rank and branch of service.On there military id card along with the rank and and branch of service, is the persons ETS date, their full name, date of birth, and wether or not they are and organ donor. They are also used as common access cards that area used to gain access to military computers. According to the Geneva Convention, service members are granted different types of treatment as prisoners of war. Military ID cards are issued with each service member's Geneva Convention category; if a service member is taken as a prisoner of war, his category defines his standards of behavior and responsibilities to himself and other service members. Geneva Convention categories range from I to IV and are based on a service member's rank. The military id is extremely important in day to day military life. Including the reasons already mentioned, the military id is used to during any military flight. If the person didn't have their id card, and the unit was traveling for training or deployment, that person would not be able to travel, thus not only facing further punishment for themselveses, but effecting his entire unit. Losing a military ID has more downsides then just the punishment received by the individual for losing it. Like mentioned before, you need it access almost every building and resource on a military post, or...
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