Military Culture

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Culture of a nation is manifested and influenced by a number of factors. National psyche and traits being the most pronounced ones. Military culture , to a certain extent , is in harmony with the national culture, however, it has its own impulses and dynamics. It incorporates obedience that curtails individual freedom or at times it may be at tangent with the socio-cultural values of a society ; Military culture of British – Indian Army ,as inherited by us is a case in point here. Philosophy of our present military outlets draws strength from history , organisational infrastructure , uniform , traditions social moorings and a host of other factors which , despite numerous changes , is still undergoing the process of evolution.

In the backdrop of this, analyse basic elements of the military culture of Pakistan Army , with in the framework of national culture and suggest a desired military culture for Pakistan Army.




Culture like education, upbringing and character building is essentially an act of socialisation over the years, decades and ages. Military profession is unique and cannot be compared with other professions. This is a whole time commitment where one spends more time in dealing with professional choirs than with normal society. It is, infact, due to this professional obligation that military becomes a civilised society with in a society. History is witness to the fact that military culture has played a key role in the final outcome of many battles. A marked deterioration has taken place in our psychosocial environment and negative trends have diffused in our society . These unhealthy developments have deeply affected the inner fibre of military society as well. Pakistan today is confronted with most unenviable situations in form of problems like sectarianism, ethnic, confrontations, provincialism , socio economic injustice , absence of nationalism and above all leadership crisis. There is a complete socio cultural disorder which has gripped almost all the national institutions of the country. The armed forces being an off shoot of the same society are no exception. Despite half a century of instance, the army has not been able to dress on rich cultural and religious heritage, which we have been endowed with. The cultural environment in the army today, therefore, needs a clear orientation with more positive impetus for the pursuit of its desired objective.


To analyse basic elements of the military culture of Pakistan Army , with in the framework of national culture and suggest a desired military culture for Pakistan Army.


In this paper after definition of culture the fascinating aspects of our nation culture and relationship of national and military culture has been discussed. After touching upon the cultural values, existing culture has been highlighted in brief , whereas, traditional values and customs needed to be curbed in detail. The paper has been concluded after carrying out analysis of the existing military culture and recommending a culture for future.


The paper has been covered in the following sequence:-
b. Aim.
c. Scope
d. Part-1Dynamics of Culture
e. Part-2 – Military Culture
f. Part-3Analysis of Military Culture
g. Part-4 –Recommendations and Conclusion

PART - 1


What is Culture. “Culture is the integrated pattern of human knowledge, belief and behaviour. Culture thus consists of language, ideas, beliefs, customs, taboos, codes, institution, tools, techniques, works of art, rituals, ceremonies, and other related components[1]. Some researchers say that culture is concerned with the state of mind, spirit and civilization. Even human society also enjoys its own particular culture, or sociocultural system which...
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