Military Boll History

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Hunter Dumas
Pablo Martinez

The ROTC Military Ball has been around for a while. It is a requirement each year done on the military’s birthday to show respect and have a celebration. It consists of basically 6 rules: Protocol information, Receiving line, posting of the colors, Pow/MIA ceremony, Toasts, Dinner, Guest Speaker and the dance. Depending on the Military force depends on the date. National Guard:  December 16, 1636, U.S. Army:  June 14, 1775, U.S. Navy:  October 13, 1775 (Abolished Feb 1781 - Reinstated 7 Sep 1781), U.S. Marine Corps:  November 10, 1775, U.S. Coast Guard:  August 4, 1790, U.S. Air Force:  September 17, 1947.

The Military Ball has a proper form for Conduction done in 6 different steps. As the first part “Protocol Information” basically explains that Each year the Air Force and the Military hold a Military Ball (formal Dining Out) This event is a lot of fun, military personal attends wearing their dress uniform. wearing civilian attire will dress as follows. Women: will wear a formal evening dress or gown, it should be knee to floor length and tasteful. At Prom Party Dress we carry a great selection of Evening Dresses and Ball Gowns perfectly suited for this event.

- Men: will wear a dark suit (tuxedo is optional), no "khaki's and ties". The Second part “Receiving line” these tend to be complicated but Military Ball rules are that Receiving lines are located at the entrance. Some people tend to avoid the receiving lines, this is a "discourteous action". The first person in the line will be in charge of announcing the names of the guests, This is usually the commander of the hosting event .They do not shake hands or carry conversations, their job is just to introduce the arriving guest to the next person in line. The Third is “Posting of the colors” well once everybody has been introduced, they go to their tables to wait for the entrance of the colors. Individuals...
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