Milestone 2: Thesis and Outline

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  • Published : April 14, 2013
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Most teens feel they don’t need a high school diploma for their future; the truth is a high school diploma gives them a future of possibilities instead of limitations. Our society has found it necessary we place a minimum education level on the population and that level in the United States is a high school diploma, or equivalent. A high school diploma is required for the military, employers and most training schools. 1.Parents need to talk with their teens and find their concerns they may have about school. We as parents need to have and use soft tone while speaking with our teens to not cause a power struggle with them. If we address the problem early we then can encourage our teens to continue in school and graduate. Often time it is one or two problems they may have that gets worse, because it has not been address. We get caught up with our everyday life and forget to get involve with our teens and things get tossed by the waste side. If there are other problems, such as depression, school violence, disabilities and disorders, drug use, these things can prevent teens from wanting to do their best in school. We need to look for other resources. Counselors of eight graders preparing for high school should emphasize the importance of doing their best in high school and why. Most teens don’t have a clear idea of the variety of jobs there are in the real world. Some don’t know what their parent’s do on their job. Counselors and parents should be involved in the classes teens chose in their first year of high school. Counselors and parents need to express to high school ninth grade students the need to be firmly grounded in classes like English, math, science, and social studies. Nevada state legislated counselors are required to sit with parents and freshman students to map out their course selections for high school. And yes, there should be a program put in place for teens that want to drop out of school. When high school counselors sit...
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