Mike Rayhawk: The Artist

Topics: Art, Lego, Computer Pages: 2 (519 words) Published: April 29, 2013
Mike Rayhawk

There are artists of many kinds. Artists that paint and draw. Others create physical art. Some even make graphic art. This artist is known for all these and more. This artist is Mike Rayhawk. Mike doesn’t just create art for himself or just for display, he creates things for the world to enjoy, even if he is not recognized. So what does he create as an artist, and what is his story on his artist career.

Mike Rayhawk was a computer programmer studying mathematics and software engineering in his early college days at Cornell University, New York for two years. He was interested in art a little, so he did some research. He got interested in the fact that artists make really good money if they had a long term strategy for handling their career correctly. Due to his unnatural talent in art, he didn’t get into the art school, Art Center College of Design in Pasadena. So he had to continue being a computer programmer. He didn’t give up there, he took night classes for a year just to get into art school. Mike wasn’t the best artist in the school, so he worked twice as hard just to keep up. He picked up a few tricks to art and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree of Fine Arts in Illustration, with Honors. He’s impressed many people that when a LEGO manager come to his school to hire product designers, they tricked him to pass over the product design department and go over to his exhibition instead. This is how Mike Rayhawk got his career in art started with The LEGO Group.

He started out as a painter, mostly using oil paint over an acrylic paint sketch. As technology developed, he has started creating his art through the computer using a Cintiq drawing tablet and Photoshop software. He uses this to get about ten times as much art done as it would take to make one drawing, for the company needed graphic art anyway in a short time. He teamed up with 3D illustrators and puts his work as a layering of art over the 3D model.

Mike Rayhawk moves around the...
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