Migration of Poeple in Libya

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Paul Regan
Human Geography
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Migration of People in Libya
Increased migration in modern globalized world has had a somewhat negative impact on the Middle East. Before the civil war of Libya, the migration was positive. People moved into Libya from surrounding countries for more opportunity, but when the civil war started the people started to flee from the area. In February of 2011 foreign minister Franco Frattini said this about the concern of too much immigration from Libya to Europe. "We are very concerned about the risk of a civil war and the risks of immigration of epochal dimensions towards the European Union," Now during the war the immigration is negative. People are leaving Libya at an extreme rate and illegally entering European countries like Italy.

The positive immigration was before the civil war started. The immigration helped out everyone. Libya got cheap labor from the immigrants, the United states and Europe got cheaper gas, which is one of the most important recourses a country could possibly produce or gain. Also, smaller countries like Ghana got smaller populations, which could really help out their economy.

Italy has to find a good way to deal with this crisis. The war is creating a huge problem for Italy and the citizens of Libya. The Libyan people just want to escape from the rule of the dictator Muammar Gaddafi. This is resulting in hundreds of thousands of immigrants heading for Europe. "We know what to expect when the Libyan national system falls," said foreign minister Franco Frattini of Italy. Obviously, it is bad for Italy that these people are immigrating out, so this has to negatively affect them. “If there are 200,000 (or) 300,000 desperate Libyans heading north, Italy alone cannot cope.” 200,000 and 300,000 is the size of a big city. Europe doesn’t have a lot of room considering the population has been increasing rapidly over the last 6 years. The population was...
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