Migrants to the Coast

Topics: Coast, Fish, Fishing Pages: 2 (707 words) Published: November 13, 2012
Migrants to the Coasts
Overview and Discussion
There are three goals Eder presents in his fieldwork. They were to ; (1) “understand fishing and the fishing peoples”(Eder 5), how they lived and how their resources affected their day to day lives,(2) The Palawan’s culture had become diverse and he thought it was important he showed appreciation for what it had become. (3) Last, but not least, he wanted to be more involved with research issues such as “environmental crisis, economic difficulty, and social well-being”(Eder 5). Eder explains these motives throughout the text. In the second chapter Eder explains how the marine wildlife , full of sea grasses and coral reef play a vital role in the food chains for the animals inhabiting it. The author further explains that the “coastal zone” occupies the coastal plains as well as the water itself. He explains that there is a local distinction between the four types vegetative cover. Eder was able to get both the fishing peoples and the government official’s perspective of the coastal zone, and how they can preserve the area. In San Vicente there are ten communities with a total population of just fewer than 22,000. Here, Eder selects four of the communities in which he studies the people living within them. He provides a clear understanding of his fieldwork in which he works directly with the people of San Vicente. In order to truly understand their culture, Eder listened to their stories in addition to exploring the history of the people and the place itself. To investigate Eder’s motive of engaging in economic research, he looked into many different prominent industries of the region. One of these industries is fishing. As a reader I could easily envision the beautiful coast and its waters used for fishing. The fishing peoples used the resources of the coast in a way to build their economic culture. I think the author could have focused on fewer topics and covered them more in depth, opposed to going over so many....
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