Middle Eastern Women Rights in Islamic Society

Topics: Islam, Saudi Arabia, Middle East Pages: 4 (1419 words) Published: November 12, 2012
Women Rights of the Middle East
“Life is full of unhappiness and most of it caused by women (Harik and Marston 11)”. For women in the Middle East life is faced with great and unequal odds, as their human rights are limited, due to Islamic beliefs and that of patriarchy. From their daily actions at home to their physical appearance, Middle Eastern women are portrayed as quiet, faceless women veiled from head to toe. While this image is just another stereotype, women in the middle do face many obstacles and challenges of creating their own identity as they are frequently denied a voice in their rights. Living in a society dominated by men life is not, but regardless women in the Middle East, predominantly Muslims, continue to fight for change as they balance their traditional roles with those of modern society.

In the Middle East a person’s religion is a way of life, the basis of their identity. It defines a person’s beliefs and morality as it sets strong guidelines for behaviors between both men and women. Without Religion, it is said society would “fall apart” forgetting about their God and responsibilities that carry their honor. For many religious Middle easterners their faith gives them a powerful sense of who they are. While many feel this powerful sense of support others feel a religion’s rules or morals can also restrict a person’s freedom. This burden tends to fall on women in the Middle East where most religions are developed and led by men (Harik and Marston 53).

Followers know as Muslims practice what is known as Islam, the religion of many Middle Easterners. This practice began in the seventh century A.D from the teachings of the Prophet Mohammed (Harik and Marston 54). In the beliefs of Islam it is said that there is only one god and His messenger is Mohammed. The basic practices required by Muslim’s are called the five pillars, in which Mohammed’s revolutionary teachings express that all people are equal in God’s eyes. This meaning that men and...
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