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Topics: Sam Spade, Humphrey Bogart, The Maltese Falcon Pages: 6 (2311 words) Published: December 8, 2012
1. A static character is a character which does not change during the course of a story. Sam Spade is a static character because by the end of the book The Maltese Falcon, Spade still seeks his own type of justice and he still retains within him a detachment to the world as seen when he has the police take Brigid away at the end. Another character that can be viewed as static is Stevens from Remains of the Day. Although towards the middle and end of the book, Stevens appears to start regretting the decisions he had made, by the end he has reverted back to his static nature. Although I think he is a flexible character in one sense, he is static because he is the same at the beginning as he is at the end. Chris McCandless is another static character. He is certainly a round character in the fact that he has a deep, multifaceted personality. However, he is static because he retains his idealism throughout the story about living in the wild.

2.Kasper Gutman says this line to Sam Spade in the Maltese Falcon, directed by John Huston. The line is important because Gutman actually enjoys the company of Spade. However, this lines shows just how precious the Falcon is to Gutman. He had been searching for it seventeen years and its worth, even half, he said, would have Spade calling him a liar. So he had no reserves in killing a man, one he liked, for the Maltese Falcon.

3.Chris McCandless' journey structured the movie in such a way as to reveal parts of how the story ends. In the very beginning, we see McCandless being driven to the edge of a road in Alaska and start trekking through the snow. However, we're then informed of exactly why he ended up there, or the catalyst of what started the journey to Alaska. Everything in between solidified his reasoning for going to Alaska. It showed us how he hated modern life (when he's in the city), did not want to be held down by a job or be stationary in life, no matter how secure he would be (at the farm) and how even in the presence of two people who appeared to begin loving him, he left in order to pursue his idealistic dream of living in the wild. His journey always brings him back to finding people he, in one way or another, adopts as parents, guardians or mentors, but in the end when he is alone, his life ends, with no one there to guide him in life.

4.Ed Concannon says this line talking to the lawyer representing Dr. Towler in The Verdict. This line is significant because it shows Concannon's determination to win his trial not based on what is right or wrong but based on the fact that he is “paid to win”. This contrasts with Galvin's reason to win which becomes a way to redeem himself by proving Dr. Towler's guilt. Another reason the quote is significant is because this line shows how Concannon will do anything to win the trial. Underhanded tactics are not beyond a man with his means. Galvin on the other hand was struggling to simply come up with evidence to support his claims. This line very much emphasized the underdog story.

5.An epiphany for one character is when that character realizes something about himself or herself. Between two characters, an epiphany is when one character finally realizes something about another character. An epiphany isn't story driven, but character driven.

6.Chris McCandless says this line in the movie Into the Wild, directed by Sean Penn. The line is important because McCandless is stating a reason why he is taking his journey. He wants to measure up against nature, where he believes only harshness lies, as opposed to modernity where people are coddled and cared for. He believes that strength cannot be measured in a scenario where one is strong but instead one must feel strong in a situation where strength is fleeting.

7.Non-diegetic sounds/narration occurs when Chris McCandless' sister is talking about what he may have been thinking or feeling during his journey and what may have caused it. Diegetic...
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