Mid-Term Break

Topics: Shroud, Shroud of Turin, French Revolution Pages: 2 (548 words) Published: March 18, 2013
Mid-Term Break
About death childhood and discovery
Passage of life, coming of age
Title – Is a break of the boys life before enjoy his life he’s gone Enjambment is used – AESTHETIC
Very raw, nothing has been expressed
Sense of foreboding that something is going wrong
Aesthetics – Techniques the particular feel of the topic

Affective – how it affects the reader
Not empathy but a deep case of sympathy
Very poignant poem, With using a form of emotion Heaney brings out a deep sorrow Focuses more on the actions of the body rather than emotion
Baby – Ironic
Not very emotive, however emotions are expressed by adults
Never expresses emotions, keeping in his emotions intact, in doing so focusing so much on his actions the ethos of his sadness comes through Parents crying, therefore he has to be the man to help his parents Sympathizes for the child for families grief

LAST LINE EPIGRAM –> Height of child = a measurement of grief

Requiem for the soliders
Death of soldiers
Great coat represents the soldiers
Reflecting the image of Ireland
The first line and the last line both mention barley, the food that sustained the rebels and grew out of their unmarked graves. First and last line – resurrected – Jesus
Barley is a comparison with Jesus Christ
tribute to their spirit
brings out a patriotic side
sonnet – normally a love poem form aesthesized
By describing the hillside as "blushing", Heaney expresses the vast amount of blood that was shed Blushing = aestehsized

'Requiem for the Croppies' Glossary
Croppies: Croppy boys were given that name because they cropped their hair like the peasants in the French Revolution of 1789. This fashion for cropped hair was associated with the anti-wig (and therefore, anti-aristocrat) French Revolutionaries.  Infantry: Foot soldiers, those soldiers who occupy territory.  Vinegar Hill: Battle site in County Wexford, Ireland, where the Irish rebels suffered a major defeat on June...
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